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Even with the proliferation of commercially available devices, there are occasions when an off-the-shelf solution for a particular application is not available. Assistive Technology Solutions has the ability to design, fabricate and implement custom solutions when needed for specific situations.

If an individual’s needs cannot be met by available devices, we may modify an existing device or design and fabricate a custom device.  Examples of custom modifications include:

  • Custom mounting of a communication device for a users needs at work or school.
  • Changing the height of office equipment such as file drawers and desks for access from a wheelchair.
  • Design and fabrication of a  device to enable a person with use of one hand to perform a job function.
  • Modifying  handles, hinges and thresholds on doors for a person in a wheelchair.
  • Modification of an office chair to accommodate posture and positioning needs.
  • Modification of a riding lawn mower for use with hand controls